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Can I quickly show you some  PROOF?

Proof that my D.I.Y Dog Training Home Course Has Already Changed The Lives Of Many Everyday Dog Owners For The Better!

The question is are you going to be next?


If You Want To Learn How To Quickly And Easily Train Your Doggie To Be Well Behaved At All Times......... If You Want To Quickly Solve A Behavior Problem Your Dog Has......And If You Are FED UP Reading All The Hype And Claims From  Many So Called EXPERTS...................Then Please.... Take A Few Minutes To Read What Real Actual Dog Owners Had To Say About This Unique Training Package.


From: Sharda Baker,

Tues  7.35


Dear Fellow Dog Lover,     

                  Hi,  I've always been a big believer in truth. There's so many people everyday trying to sell  us  products with  huge promises isn't there? Promises often based on misleading advertising. 

Results from real people who have actually used the  product already  is the only REAL PROOF  we can get about a products value before we invest in it right? Anything else is less than optimal.

Since  releasing  my training package a few months back, I've had the opportunity to track the experiences of may of my customers  using the Training Package

I've listed  a dozen  or so  success stories below  from the many I have received.

So...please keep reading because..............as they say

The results really do speak for themselves.............................




  Dear Sharda,

  I would like to highly  recommend your DIY Dog Training Package because it has proven to be just the thing for my 3 Dogs.

My daughter has 2 large dogs  and I recently acquired a 2 year  old   Bichon Frise. I was having a terrible time with my daughter's dogs fighting with the new addition to the family.

Your guidance in doing those few simple things has made such a dramatic improvement already.

I was on the verge of thinking about returning Chivers  but now I think things will be fine.

I appreciate the extra free bonus audio transcription you sent me the other day and I am impressed by your prompt response to all of my email questions. 

Phyliss Weaver,

 Wellington, New Zealand


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Dear Sharda,

I rescued my 5 month old female pit bull mix puppy Dot, from the animal hospital where my 5 year old male Australian Shepard Biggie, was in critical condition.

 I went to visit Biggie and Dot bounded up to me as I was laying next to and comforting Biggie.

 The staff informed me that Dot had been abandoned and needed a home.

 I also have two Chihuahuas a male, Rowdy and a female, Frankie who are around 2 years old.

It seemed I was the only one happy to have a new family member, the other dogs were less than pleased and I was afraid I might not be able to handle what I had taken on.

 Desperate for solutions, I found your training package on line and was immediately helped by your concise explanations that cover every  conceivable problem.

All my beloved dogs are getting along famously, for the most part, now.

I continually refer back to the materials in your guide.

I would recommend the amazing materials you have put together for any dog owner.

Thank you for creating this valuable resource.

Pattie Pierce

Los Angeles, California


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DOG TRAINING SUCCESS STORY # 3.        KATHRYN (Surname  withheld)


Dear Sharda,

Thanks so much for your email updates and extras.

I recently bought your  DIY Dog Training ebook and audio package.

It is brilliant. In the past I have always had problems training my dogs and pups, I did get there in the end but it always took such a long and painful time.

After reading your ebooks I immediately applied this to my girl Holly and it’s worked wonderfully.  I was amazed how well everything worked.

I  have now been out and bought a new puppy, one I have wanted for ages. It’s a beautiful black and tan Cavalier, and once again I am following your training methods.

It’s working really well, after only a few days the little fellow Oliver knows to go potty on the yard and not in the house.

I have never had a baby that is so well behaved, this is so wonderful and I  wish I had your training ebooks and audios years ago.

Attached is a picture of Oliver on his way to his new home with us.

Best wishes.



Stoke on Trent.

Staffordshire. England


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 I  have been meaning to e-mail you about how your ebooks and audios  has improved my life with my dog immensely!!

They have  helped me like nothing else I have read about dogs and trust me I have read plenty! The little tricks like walking out the door first and other tricks to show you are the dominant one have worked like someone put a spell over my dog and now he is the perfect dog!

I just read it and said okay I will try it and it probably won't work like everything else I have tried and to my astounding disbelief he started heeling and listening when I asked him to come.

Unbelievable ... I could not belief my eyes. And not only am I happier with my dog but dog Charlie is happier then ever!

Thanks again

John Peterson       

Middletown , CT

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Your Dog Training Package has literally saved my darling Reggie from going back to the Rescue Sharda where we adopted him, which my husband was threatening to do!

He had so many behavior problems when we got him. He would pee on the carpet, even immediately after we had taken him outside to the toilet.  He was whining  off and on all through the night  and was a terrible eater.

After reading your ebooks and listening to the audios we could see where to start and slowly but surely we put your tips in to practice. Your one to one email consultation was awesome.

Reggie now is such a well mannered little Bichon Frise that you wouldn't recognize from 8 weeks ago.

Thank you again.

Katie Simpson

South Greenfield, Missouri.

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 I really did enjoy reading your DIY Training ebooks and listening to the audios.

 I have had three dogs over the past many years now and my latest little darling is called Mattie.

  She is  very outgoing, friendly, lively and clever Roti and has a mind of her own (just like her mum). It is amazing how different all three have been.
  I  got Mattie at 11 weeks and from the moment I brought her home she has not had an accident inside.  Because I had your package, I knew exactly what to do.

I had used paper training in the past and no one had every explained the advantages and disadvantages of all the different ways of toilet training. Your explanations were clear easy to follow and worked!
Kind regards,
Pauline  James 

Ballarat, Vic. Australia

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Hello Sharda,

Thank you so much for your training package. It has been very helpful to me!

I have had many dogs and pride myself on having well behaved and healthy dogs.  And then along came "Stella "( 4 1/2 months old  Poodle when I
got her) and not housebroken.  She was certainly different from all the others.

I wasn't getting the answers that I was looking for, even from  the breeders, but am finding a lot of very good information in your Ebooks and audios.

Hearing far too many negatives about the Poodle (eg. not trainable, not house breakable, skin problems....etc.) I started thinking that I was going to kill this dog any minute by doing something wrong. 

But after reading your ebooks  I relaxed and we now have the housebreaking almost foolproof  and she can sit and stay and walks very well on her leash.  She loves her kennel.  

I would definitely recommend your package.  It was easy to follow and you walked me through with no problems.

Peter  Carson,
Maple Ridge, B.C.

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Hi Sharda,

Thanks you for all your efforts in putting this wonderful dog training information together. 

I had spent hundreds of dollars in the past on other training ebooks and even forked out $125 for a professional trainer to come over and try and help us teach our German Shephard   Ellie to stop jumping up on everyone that comes through the door .  Nothing seemed to help until I found you and your website

I truly found your training materials excellent , especially your  explanations of teaching basic obedience at home.  I have to admit, I had never thought that it may have been my husband and I that had unknowingly "taught" Ellie    many of her wrong behaviors.

Yesterday, we had  2 friends  drop in and after following  your advice guess what? For the first time, she didn't jump up on our guests!

The other breakthrough we had was concerning walking Ellie on a leash (although in the past it was more like Ellie taking us for a walk". After practicing for the last 2 weeks now , we have taken Ellie to our local park and she hasn't gone crazy chasing the other dogs and is hardly ever pulling on her leash now.

I would definitely recommend your training package Sharda. It is a "must have" for anyone serious about their dog.

Raleign Courtney,
Balmain, Sydney.


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You have my sincere promise on this!

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Your Do it Yourself Training Package is wonderful and easy to understand and put into practice. The techniques of managing aggressive behavior  and  housebreaking  were right on the money.

We have a golden retriever called Zoey who we have had for 7 months now. She had started nipping and snapping at my kids and I.  I  was getting really scared that something nasty would happen because she is already so strong.

We followed your step by step guide and things have really changed. I think you were right about Zoey thinking she as the pack leader in our household. Once she realized I was her boss, she has been so much nicer to live with. I feel much safer with her around the kids now.

There has been so  much improvement since getting your package..  Thanks again.

Patricia Margetts

Denham Springs. Louisiana. USA

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Thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences with others Sharda.

Buddy  is 3 yrs. old and  I have  found your dog training information,   the updates you send, the  offers you make possible, and your thoughtfulness help so much  with my  continuing raising Buddy adventure.

Buddy lives with a Boston Terrier and a lab/Aussie mix, both of whom outweigh him by triple  or more. I lived with 2 Bostons as a teenager (many years ago!) and  now Buddy, and I wish I had your books and audios way back then to share with my  Mom.

In only 3 short weeks  following your techniques from your package, Buddy is like a "new dog"!  Gone is the annoying "begging for food" at meal times and that horrible habit of poop eating !

Thank you for your value for money training package.

I look  forward to hearing from you.

God Bless.

Nancy Boyer & Buddy,

 Portland, Oregon

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 Why didn't I find you earlier Sharda?

Until I found your training website, I had bought  5 training guides that each were reasonable in what they contained, but none that were as complete and as easier to use as yours.

My main problem had concerned our Yorkshire Terrier's separation anxiety. It had got to the stage where as soon as I picked up my work bag, Zak would start  shaking and by the time I picked up the car keys, he was in a state of panic. 

We followed your advice and re taught Zak not to associate car keys, us getting ready for work etc with us going out for long periods of time.  That, plus the other tips you gave us have made a world of difference.

The other  big improvement has been in Zak's walking in public. Zak can now walk on and even off a leash in public without running off . It means we can now take him with us on picnics and not have to worry every minute that he might disappear.

Thank you  for your efforts.

Janine  Kemp

St. Ives  England.

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Hi there Sharda,

Your training package has really helped me. Your explanations are very easy to follow and who would have believed old Sebastian here could be taught to stop barking so easily.  I found the section on dog psychology very interesting and I can see now why Seb does the things he does. I can  now  see where I went wrong and know what I can do to get things back on track.                

The other helpful thing for me has been the free bonus audios, especially the one on Doggie Health. I had no idea about what onions could do  to a dog.


Trevor Lancaster                                                                                                 

Pott's Point. Sydney. Australia


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 Just a quick thank you for your helpful   Do It Yourself Dog Training Package. Mike and I  used  your package to guide us in breed selection, we recently got a gorgeous little baby , "Sofia".

Having your step by step approach from choosing  what breed right through to beginning training and advanced trained is everything we need.  Sofia has already  adjusted to the crate for her potty training and only had one accident since we got her.  Now that  she's a bit older we want to try the obedience training outlined in your ebooks and audios and then try some of the dog tricks as well.

We have passed on your details to  friends of ours who have a Pug who need some help with his behavior.

Thank you.

Melissa  Chambers                                                                                  

Rego Park. NY. USA.


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 Thank you Sharda,                            

You have already solved my number 1 problem with Benji. I had tried everything to stop him peeing inside the minute  guests come over. Within a week of getting your Dog Training Package he  stopped!

We are starting the obedience training you taught us  in the morning.       

Thanks so much.

Penelope  Bradley                                                                                    

Santa Monica, California.





Hi Sharda,

My name is Vic Smyth from Derby, England.


I would just like to say thank you for your helpful DIY Dog Training package.

It makes training easy and enjoyable instead of a chore.

My dogs have certainly benefited from it as well!.

Please see attached pic.

Thanks again.

Vic Smyth.

Derby. England


Imagine having a dog that is a pleasure to have inside the house at all times, that walks well on a lead, that's  gentle with children and guests, without costing a heap of money for dog trainers and dog training books and audios.

Can I help you  to fix those dog training problems at home, quickly and easily?.............  Starting today! 

Maybe your "best friend" is doing one or more of the following;

  • peeing in the "wrong" places or at the wrong time!

  • barking  too much

  • chewing everything in site

  • aggressive behavior

  • digging holes

  • being a fussy eater

  • anxious when you are about to leave the house without them

  • jumping up on guests

  • difficult to walk on a leash

  • being a fussy finicky eater

  • running  away if given half the chance

  • aggressive to you or other dogs

  • nipping  or growling at you or others

  • not listening to you

  • disobedient behavior

  • problems traveling


Maybe you've learnt to live with your doggie's behavior  or on the other hand, you might be at your wit's end not knowing what to do next?

Any of this sound familiar ?

You're certainly not alone if  any of these,  or any other training problem, crops up from time to time.

Which is one reason I'm writing to you...

Maybe your new  dog  is exhibiting some of the above behavior "hiccups", or maybe you have an older doggie who just has never quite managed to get trained in these basic but important daily  activities.

It could be you are about to get a new dog and need some help choosing what  type of dog will suit you and your family.  It's daunting isn't it with so may different dog breeds to consider?

Then again you may need some help getting ready for the arrival of your new doggie. There's so much to plan and organize to make sure things go smoothly for both you and your dog. Those first few weeks are so most important.

You may even be a quite experienced with caring for dogs and are wishing to advance your knowledge on dog training and dogs in general.

You might just may have a particular doggie behavior problem  you would like to change if you could!

Please, please, DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE many dog owners in the past, (including this one writing to you!) have made, and presume there's no way to easily, and quickly, manage a dog behavior problem, or to teach your dog something new.

Also right now, please promise me you will right now forget that silly old saying..


"You really can teach an old dog new tricks" and of course a young one as well!

And without having to spend a small fortune, and without having to spend hours, and hours of painstaking training.

If any of  the above  describes yours or a friend's experience, then I'm bursting to tell you a little more!

But I mustn't get ahead of myself.

Imagine this for a minute..

Imagine having a dog that is a pleasure to have inside the house at all times, that walks well on a lead, that's  gentle with children and is really your best friend without costing a heap of money for dog trainers and dog training books and audios.

Imagine you come home from a busy day and your doggie greets you at the door or in the backyard without literally knocking you off your feet.

You can relax when guests come over and don't have to lock up your "best friend" for fear of guests  being jumped on or  "licked to death".

Being a doggie lover you  might not mind the odd lick from your doggies (me too) but not everyone else shares that desire do they!

Just suppose  your lovely carpets or rugs don't have any more of those tell tale "yellow stains".

Imagine your doggie eating whatever you feed them and not spending the whole of your dinner time under the table begging for food with those pleading eyes.

Wouldn't that be a change?

See yourself for a minute, taking you dog for a walk to the local park without being dragged along.

And not  having to play referee between your dog and other dogs in the park who seem hell bent on creating mayhem.

 And when you leave for work you do so with a calm happy dog who doesn't start whining the minute you pick up the keys,  confident that the neighbors won't be complaining to you about your "barking dog" later on.

And imagine knowing and mastering  the simple genuine dog training secrets that really work, without having to spend hours of your own time training and without spending hundreds of dollars!

You'll be the envy of other dog owners too!

No more fear or embarrassment that your doggie is going to do the wrong thing and end up in trouble of some sort and injure themselves or someone else.

Well all of this is truly possible for your and your doggie and not only that but...   I  will 100% guarantee that it can  happen for  you.

Let me tell you a little more...

 I have been publishing popular  "How To Care For The Health Of Your Dog" ebooks on the internet  for a  while now but never really ventured much into the dog training side of things.

I left the "training" to the so called experts.

But here's where I found a big problem!

 You see, for quite some time now, I've  been  totally overwhelmed hearing from customers day in and day out about the same "dog training issues"  they face over and over again.

I kept hearing from these dog owners that they  were having doggie behavior problems and they didn't know where to go to get some help quickly and easily.

I wanted to help them but I wasn't a dog trainer. 

So what could I do?

They couldn't afford the expense of hiring a professional dog trainer. That, or they didn't have the time to spend hours and hours  at training classes.

The problems I kept hearing about ranged from potty training right through to managing an aggressive dog.

And most everything in between.

Until finally........

After hundreds and hundreds of emails I finally decided to go right to the pros and get to the bottom of these questions!

What did I end up doing?

I read every dog training book I could get my hands on  and spoke to as many dog training experts as I could. It was like getting blood out of stone with some of the trainers though as many try and keep their knowledge to themselves.

And you know what? I made sure every doggie training question that had ever come up was covered.

 I think I drove a few trainers a little mad with my "Aussie persistence" but I'm sure will agree it was worth it  when you see what I have been able to put together.

The end result is my "Do It Yourself  (D.I.Y.) Dog Training  Package.

Back to the reason for my letter....

I would love to help you have the best possible experience with your dog. Having healthy, well trained dogs has certainly changed my life, and my families life for the better!

And yes, I'll be honest.

I , like most other dog owners, have had my share  of doggie training problems over the years. 

Truthfully, over the years, I initially had put up with some of my doggies peeing inside, furniture being chewed, and dogs that thought they  would only eat food my family and I were eating.

I'm embarrassed to admit....

That  I even once got to the stage where at times I wanted to "lock" up my dogs when visitors came around.

Because I was so worried one of my darling doggies would jump on a guest or pee in front of everyone with excitement.

To make matters worse, my oldest dog, once used to race down the street the minute the front  door was opened. But of course that has all changed now.

In a nutshell,

I'm passionate about dogs and heart fully believe that  no dog owner should need to go through the headaches, stress,  time and expense to own a dog that is well behaved.

The stress of a misbehaved dog can take it's toll on all the family can't it?

I want to help prevent you  losing hundreds of dollars in dog training guides or hiring of a professional dog trainer.

Am I saying there is no place for professional dog training courses?

Of course not,  but in the majority of cases, your training can be done at home, by yourself  quickly, easily and economically.

I'd like to tell you what  my unique Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)  Dog Training Package contains.

Here's a preview what you can expect to find inside;

bulletThe absolute best ways (that really work!)  to quickly conquer  Potty  Training.  (toilet training can be completed  in many cases in as little as 24 hrs! - help for puppies and the  older dog)

bullet Learn how to quickly teach your dog to come, sit,  stay, drop, stand and heel. Both new dog owners as well as experienced  dog owners will find this  instruction  extremely simple and effective.

  Discover the psychology of  exactly how dogs learn.  You will look at your dog in a completely new way when you learn these simple facts.

  Learn the 3 special voice tones you should be using that may dramatically change the  way your dog responds to you.  (Ladies will be pleased to know that your don't have to have a "man's deep" voice to put these 3 tones into practice!).

  Discover  the  4 essential things to ensure you buy a dog that suits you and your family.

  The 3 easy steps to manage the dog who has become a "fussy  eater". (these easy to follow tips will bring big improvements quickly ).

   Discover how to control your dog's barking. Dogs bark for one of several reasons. These reasons will be shared with you and "proven" methods to quickly control excessive  barking outlined.

  A simple technique for teaching your dog some advanced commands such as; "wait", "leave it", "crawl", "right and left hand turns" while walking on a leash, "fetch", "roll over", "play dead" plus many more.

  Find out the extremely   important tips regarding safety for your young children and your dog. (Too many children are unnecessarily injured by dogs each year).

  Discover how to quickly  determine a dog's temperament before you say "I'll take him"!  (especially helpful if looking at adopting a doggie from a rescue centre or from a friend).

  Finally learn the full scoop on "potty training pads".

  The absolute best way to choose and buy  a healthy well adjusted dog. Includes  helps in planning how and where to buy from.

  Be taught the quick and easy  way to easily walk your dog on a leash. (Your days of being  dragged along by your dog will be numbered).

  Discover the keys  to  teach your dog to be calm around other dogs. These practical sociability exercises will quickly help your dog learn to relax around other "animals and people and not be "aggressive".

  Find out about the 7 advantages of using a "crate" for training.  

  How to prepare your home for your new dog. An, "essentials"  checklist and estimate of prices is included.

  Understand   how dogs “speak” to each other and how this can help you with your training.

  Understand the possible ramifications of leaving food and water out overnight or you doggie. When you hear this you  might be promoted to change "your" behavior.

  Understand how you may have unknowingly taught your dog to jump on and all over you and others. This jumping can be dangerous in many situation. (clearly defined tips will soon help you improve this problem).

  Discover how to make training fun for your dog and not a chore. Dogs like humans do get bored! (these simple tips will help ensure your training sessions get results fast).

  How to potty train your dog to go  "inside". Useful for those living in an apartment or in extreme climates!

  Are you your dog's pack leader? (Learn how becoming  your dogs pack leader can make a dramatic difference to  your dog owner experience).

  7 fun and easy tricks to teach your dog.

  Understand how and why  the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is simply a  myth. Discover how to quickly teach you older or young  dog new things!

  Understand the best age to buy a puppy and what you need to do to help ensure you end with a healthy well tempered pup.

  How to make sure you are not throwing your  money away if you visit a professional dog trainer.

  An explanation and description  of the training equipment you should seriously consider purchasing.

   The number 1  reason why people sell  or give up their pet. This knowledge may help your be wiser in choosing a healthy and well adjusted  dog.

  Learn the vital importance of the early "socialization" period of your new puppy. (So many owners get in wrong in the first few months and then suffer for years).

  Learn why it's imperative to take your puppy "out" before it's had all it's shots! Many vets will tell you otherwise. (you can make your own decision when you have these facts)

  Find out all about "Basic Obedience Training" (it can dramatically improve your dog's behavior).  A step by step easy technique. 

  A doggie suffering "Separation Anxiety" is an upsetting experience for many dog owners. Understand how it is caused and treated and most importantly how to "prevent it".

  Understand why it's important you feed your dog after you have eaten. Many dog owners make this mistake.

   Discover what you can learn about your dog by having  a having a proper understanding of your  dog's  senses.

  Discover the questions you should be asking your breeder and what they should ask you.

  Learn how you may have been unknowingly teaching your dog to respond the "wrong" way to your commands. (No, it's not rocket science but why hasn't this been talked about more before?).

  Discover the vital key to understanding crate training. It's not simply locking your little doggie up in a cage! (Understand how to use this proven training technique for dramatic results fast).

   Discover how treating your dog" like a human" can be causing/exacerbating many dog behavior problems you are having.

You will be amazed  to learn how often you should be taking your puppy out to for "toileting". (get this right early on and potty training won't be a headache for you).

   Allergies finally explained  clearly and  simply  by a Veterinary Surgeon. The causes and best treatments are detailed. (2 common house plants that may be causing your dog's allergies are  revealed).

  Find out how to change a "set" unwanted dog behavior. Real life examples will guide you  through the easy to follow process.

    Discover important facts about a puppy’s critical development periods,  both physical and psychological.

   Discover the surprising health benefits of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils  in your doggies diet.

  Learn the 3 foods you should never feed you dog. Discover what to do if you or someone else accidentally does. (You might  be shocked by this)

  Discover the 5 most important  benefits of dog training.

    Learn how to puppy or dog proof your home before it's too late.

  Understand the 5 critical traits you require to quickly and easily train your dog  to behave how you want.

   Discover  the importance and implementation of ample environmental stimulation for your dog. You can expect dramatic improvement in your dog's behaviors when you understand this- it's easy!).

    Learn how to quickly and easily teach you dog  to walk on or off a leash in public.

    Learn how to manage the "older" dog's training needs. Not all of us are lucky enough to have the chance to teach our doggies from when they were pups.

    Find out if, where, why and how   litter box training  could be employed. This knowledge could be helpful to those who are out at work most of the day and are forced to leave  their dog  alone.

  Understand why your dog  may be chewing everything in site and what to do about  it. (Easy to follow tips and real life examples to illustrate how to stop it now!).

 Hi  Sharda,

Thanks so much for putting your training package together.  I was about to give up on Boe until I found you and your Dog Training answers.

 Your ebooks are  full of great tips that are easy to try. It's really turned our lives around.

I appreciate you  being there to answer my questions when I needed help with the Boe's barking and aggression.  We seem to be on top of it now. At last the neighbors are talking to us again!

Thank you and God Bless.

Marie Jennings

On. Canada.


That's some of the many reasons why you should own this D.I.Y. Dog Training Package  today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!). Don't you owe it to yourself, your family,  and your dog?

You'll get the answers to many common "real" questions just like these.


   " How do I  best use newspapers to potty train my dog?"

  "My dogs won't stop "humping" what should I do?"

  "How can I safely introduce a new puppy into my family?"

  "How can I teach my dog not to eats his poop?"

  "My dog "pees" at every tree when we are out walking, how can I teach him to stop it"?

  "My dog has started nipping and biting when I groom or touch  him, what should I do to make him stop it"?

  " How do I teach my doggy to stop barking quickly and easily"?

  "My dog is over 3 years old, can she be potty trained"?

  " I have a dog that runs away the minute the door is open.  Help"!

  My lawn is being ruined by my dog, please advise how to teach him to stop".

  "Please help us top stop  my dog chewing our furniture at home"

Let me ask you this then.......

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 Potty Training is the number issue with most dog owners somewhere in lives as a dog owner. This recently completed ebook  clearly outlines all the current  proven potty training  techniques.

 It is covers the new pup as well as the adult dog that may have come from a shelter    or from a hone where potty training was not completed. 

It is  written in a simple , fun easy to follow  format that really works fast! 100% Guaranteed.

(Value $9.95)


FREE BONUS   # 2 Dog Training Down Under - AUDIO

 This audio is an interview with a well renown professional dog trainer who "has  seen it all".

In this second high quality  recorded audio you will hear how a  professional  Australian dog trainer manages the day to day dog behavior problems many dog owners  have had to deal with. Basil will answer a long list of dog training questions I had put especially put together.

You will discover  his proven methods of managing  the disobedient dog, how to quickly control the dog that barks too much,  potty training in as little as 24 hrs, step by step obedience training,  and much much more.

The audio is 1 hour and 3 minutes long.  (A full transcription of the audio is also included).

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FREE BONUS # 3   Introduction To Clicker Training - ebook

Clicker training is an enjoyable and effective training system based on the principles of my ebook. It is a "must have" for anyone involved in dog training. It doesn't matter if you  are an individual at home training your dog or a professional trainer, you will find this extremely helpful.   (VALUE  $13.77)


FREE BONUS  # 4   Secrets To Becoming The “Alpha Dog” & Being Your Doggie's Pack Leader - ebooklet

 Dogs have evolved with a pack leader mentality. Either you or your dog will become the leader! This e-booklet outlines steps you can take to have your dog listen and obey you easily and know that you are the boss!             

 (RETAIL VALUE $13.77)


FREE BONUS  # 5   A Goldmine Of Doggie Health Tips - ebooklet

This audio is an interview with a well renown dog Veterinary Surgeon and is packed with helpful dog health information.

It includes up to date information on  dog health tips, diet tips (including the most dangerous 3 foods to avoid, pregnancy help and advice, emergency care for your dog, a large section on management of dog allergies, care of you dog before and after surgery, all about spaying and neutering,  plus much, much more.

(A full transcription of the audio is also included).  

The audio is 1 hour and 7 minutes long.

(RETAIL VALUE   $ 24.95)


FREE BONUS  # 6   Managing The Barking Dog - ebooklet.

A dog that is barking inappropriately can soon drive you and your neighbors a little crazy! This ebooklet outlines the easy steps you need to take to  quickly control your barking dog.

It is  written in a simple , clear and easy to follow  format  that  is guaranteed to bring results fast or your money back.

(RETAIL VALUE   $ 9.95)


FREE BONUS  # 7   Controlling Biting, Nipping and Jumping up - ebooklet.

Any dog  who is already nipping  should have their behavior managed quickly to prevent biting down the track. If you dog is already biting, measures should be undertaken now to help prevent a serious injury in the future.

This bonus ebooklet provides techniques to help teach your dog to STOP nipping and biting.

It is  written in a simple , clear and easy to follow  format  that  is also  guaranteed to bring results fast or your money back.  

(RETAIL VALUE   $ 7.95)


FREE BONUS  # 8    Free email consultation.

Whereby you can email me personally  regarding a doggie behavior problem you are experiencing. I am confident my special D.I.Y. Dog Training Package will address most, if not all, of your concerns. If for any reason you need help, I am available 7 days a week.                     

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